Biotechnology involves the application of biological processes and technologies such as genetic engineering --in order to produce novel or useful products like drugs, diagnostic tools, drought-resistant crops, or even a whole new class of super computers. Biotechnology is the industrial use of living organisms to manufacture food, drugs, and other products. The brewing and baking industries have long relied on the yeast micro-organism for fermentation purposes; dairy industry employs a range of bacteria and fungi to make milk products such as cheeses and yogurt. Enzymes, whether extracted from cells or produced artificially, are central to most biotechnological processes. Other advances include genetic engineering in which single-celled organisms with modified DNA, are used to produce insulin, and other drugs. Genomics which is large-scale DNA sequencing and bio-informatics that comprises blending of IT and biotechnology could revolutionise the drug-discovery process.

About the Course’

The course is designed to equip the students with the necessary skills to excel in the various domains of biotechnology ranging from the research and development to bioprocess engineering.

The curriculum involves exposure to various segments of the domain and appreciation of the rapidly growing technology in the field.

Students are encouraged to further their expertise in various affiliated domains such as IPR and biosafety as well as hands-on experience in tools and techniques via extensive practical experiments.

Students are encouraged and assisted to earn projects, grants and fellowships. Assistance to join internships in the relevant industries is provided to ensure the students are industry-ready.

Career Opportunities

Postgraduates in biotechnology are eligible for BITP internships as well as fellowship grants from central research organizations. The job opportunities lie in academics, research, health sector, clinical research, drug design, product development.


Duration of Course:

2 Years (4 Semesters)


  • B.Sc. with any Life Science subject securing 50% marks in all the three optional subjected in aggregate.
  • B.Sc., Biotechnology/B.Sc., Biotechnology (integrated) with 50% marks in aggregate
  • B.Sc., (Honours) in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology or Biology with 50% marks in aggregate
  • Bachelor in Agricultural Sciences, Dairy Sciences, Horticulture, Forestry, Fisheries, Pharmacy, BE (Biotechnology), Medicine, Dental, and Agriculture Engineering with minimum 50% marks in aggregate


  • Graduates: 1,200
  • Post Graduates: 600
  • 35 acres campus
  • 3 major buildings
  • Green & Eco friendly campus
  • Projects from KFIST, DBT, KBITS being currently carried out
  • 96 faculty members
  • 10:1 student to faculty ratio



Pavitra Ibrahimpur

“I was happy to join this institution, all time I got support from staff, friendly environment”

Sushma Shree C. P.

“Institution had given good theory and practical exposure to us in Hospital Administration  ”

Chayanika Dutta

“The teaching staff and their way of teaching of this institution is very good ”

Minakshi Devi

“One of the best hospital administration college ”

Dr. Santhosh H. C.

“We had a nice exposure from padmashree institution”

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“We are into hospital planning designing, business planning, complete setting up of hospitals of existing hospitals ”

Iru Poudel

“ Very supportive..wonderful experience for lifetime ”