Ms. Sumana Naik A. M.Pharma.
Department of Pharmacy

She did post graduation in M.Pharma - Experimental Pharmacology, RGUHS, Bangalore.
Area of interest: Preclinical Testing.

Dr. Prabhu. BM M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Physiology
PhD (Neurophysiology) from NIMHANS,
Email: mpbadanavalu@gmail.com

He did postdoctoral work at neuroscience research lab, Arkansas State University, USA. He is been active in the field of Toxicology and behavioural study. He developed a novel technique in culturing superior cervical sympathetic neurons and dorsal root ganglia neurons of new born rat pups. He is the Author and Co-author for more than 9 papers at national and international journals.

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  2. Ravi S.M., Prabhu B.M., Raju T.R., and Bindu P.N. (2000) Long-term effects of postnatal aluminium exposure on acetylcholine esterase activity and biogenic amine neurotransmitter in rat brain. Indian J. Physiol. Pharmacol.,Vol. 44(4):473-478.
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  10. Dr. Suresh Babu SV M.Sc., ADCR, PhD

    Ph.D. in Neurochemistry from NIMHANS

    His area of interest in Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Conduct of clinical studies with investigational agents. He also involved in coordinating with the development of preclinical testing and clinical agreements with collaborators. He also supervises a staff that files and manages a diverse and extensive collection and implements collaborative research and development agreements for these investigational drugs or agents. Before coming to PADMASHREE Group of Institutions, Dr. Suresh Babu spent 13years in National Institute of mental Health and Neurosciences, DeemedUniversity, Department of Neurochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry unit, Bangalore. His area of interest is particularly in Neurological disorders, inherited neurometabolic disorders and proven expertise in analysis of amino acids by HPLC in biological fluids.Dr. Suresh Babu is an Author and Co-author for more than 12 papers at national and international journals.

    1. Maple syrup urine disease: An uncommon cause for Neonatal metabolic distress.
      S.V. Suresh Babu, Rita Christopher, L. Nirmala., G.R. Rangaswamy., C.P. Narayan and K. Taranath Shetty.Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry,(1999), 14(2) 198-206.
    2. Hyperornithinaemia associated with gyrate atrophy of the choroids and retina: two cases from
      India.Rita Christopher, S.V. Suresh Babu and K. Taranath Shetty. Ann Clin Biochem 1999; 36: 519 – 522.
    3. HPLC method for amino acids profile in biological fluids and inborn metabolic disorders of amino acidopathies. S. V. Suresh Babu, M.M. Shareef., A. Pavan Kumar Shetty and K. Taranath Shetty. Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, (2002), 17(2) 7 - 26.
    4. Synthesis of a modified peptide fragment analog Val-Tyr (P)-Val-Ala-Ala-OH of cAMP protein kinase regulatory sub unit type II employing Fmoc chemistry. Kuramkote Shivanna Devaraju, Basanagoud S Patil, Subramanyam J Tantry, S V Suresh Babu, Taranath Shetty K, Vommina V Suresh Babu. Indian Journal of Chemistry Vol. 45B, July 2006, 1747-52.
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    9. Metabolic status of magnesium and ceruloplasmin in Handigodu Joint Disease: A variety of
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    12. A sensitive assay for ornithine amino transferase in rat brain mitochondria ninhydrin method. Award Paper. H Ravi Kumar, S Ananda, K S Devaraju, B M Prakash, S Sampath Kumar, S V Suresh Babu and H P Puttaraju, Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, (2010); 24(3) 275 – 279.

    Dr. N.S.N. Rao M.Sc., PhD

    Department of Biostatistics

    Dr. N.S.N.RAO, M.Sc, Ph.D., F.I.P.H.A., F.A.M.S. is presently Professor of Bio-Statistics at Padmashree Group of Institutions, Bangalore besides being Visiting Professor in various Medical Institutions at Bangalore. He has been teaching Research Methods to a vast number of students of Medical and Allied Health Sciences for over five decades, both in India and United Kingdom. He has been a visiting faculty at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, England.

    He has provided guidance for various Research projects and also Technical Consultancy to a large number of WORLD BANK, DANIDA, UNICEF, FORD FOUNDATION, UNFPA, ICMR funded programmes in different States of India. He was the full time Team Leader of Technical Support Unit of United Nation’s Population fund at Delhi.

    He has to his credit awards like Fellowship of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India), Fellowship of the Indian Public Health Association, Visiting Professorship with Indo_British University Collaboration programme, Golden Jubilee Award from Indian Public Health Association.

    His publications include a dozen Monographs, two text books, half a dozen Chapters in Monographs, 50 Technical reports and over 100 scientific publications in National and International journals.