“I think the biggest innovation of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning.”

– Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and Ex-CEO

Life Sciences in general and Biotechnology in particular dominated revolutionary and beneficial scientific advances of the last quarter of the 20th century. It is a conglomeration of various combined technologies of biology, physics, mathematics, agriculture, medicine and engineering resulting in production of products and services benefiting mankind. Biotech is undoubtedly the future. Genetic engineering, genomics, bio-computing, biomedical engineering, biosensors and bio-informatics are going to drive the innovation and economy for the coming decades.

Life sciences

Career prospects seem bright for someone trained in the life sciences. Projections for the next 20 years indicate that there will be thousands of unfulfilled science and engineering jobs. The demand for highly trained workers and scholars will be great. Scientists are rushing to use their new techniques to unravel the secrets of life, to tap that knowledge to create valuable products, and to develop a new generation of sophisticated techniques that will unlock new knowledge. Biotechnology is one of the most revolutionary and beneficial scientific advances of the last quarter century. It is an interdisciplinary science including not only biology but also subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry and many more. It is also a conglomeration of various combined technologies applied to living cells for production of a particular product or enhancing its quality according to our preferences. Biotech is undoubtedly the future. Genetic engineering, genomics, bio-computing, biomedical engineering, biosensors, bio-informatics, etc. will be the hot topics for the next decade or so. Small wonder, its application varies from agriculture to industry -- food, pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-products, textiles, medicine, nutrition, environmental conservation, animal sciences etc., arguably making it one of the fastest growing fields. The courses are affiliated to Bangalore University.

Bachelor's in Science Genetics

The program has been designed to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the growing demand for skilled manpower in life science sector. Hands on training in practical techniques, which are being, used commonly like culture methods, biochemical techniques etc. will be provided. Students will examine a range of practical applications and at the end of the course they should carry out a project work in a selected sector of industry


The selection of project work will reflect the areas of interest to the student and will provide an excellent opportunity for employment in that sector. Biotechnology involves the application of biological process and technologies in order to produce novel or useful products like drugs, diagnostics tools and drought resistant crops to mention a few. Projection for next 20 years indicate that there will be need for thousands of trained and skilled manpower in biotech industry. It is pertinent for students to gain sufficient knowledge and attain techno-functional capabilities to meet the challenges in creating value added products and to develop a new generation of sophisticated techniques and technology that will unlock a whole new world.

At PIMS it has been our constant endeavour to set ourselves high standards and achieve near perfection in imparting education to students in multitude of bio techniques, to get advised and guided to an ideal career in Biotech and Pharma industry.

Duration of Course:
3 Years
PUC/12th Std. / 10+2/ its equivalent with at least Biology and Chemistry as two optional subjects.


  • Graduates: 1,200
  • Post Graduates: 600
  • 35 acres campus
  • 3 major buildings
  • Green & Eco friendly campus
  • Projects from KFIST, DBT, KBITS being currently carried out
  • 96 faculty members
  • 10:1 student to faculty ratio



Pavitra Ibrahimpur

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Sushma Shree C. P.

“Institution had given good theory and practical exposure to us in Hospital Administration  ”

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“The teaching staff and their way of teaching of this institution is very good ”

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“One of the best hospital administration college ”

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“We had a nice exposure from padmashree institution”

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“We are into hospital planning designing, business planning, complete setting up of hospitals of existing hospitals ”

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“ Very supportive..wonderful experience for lifetime ”