In India the healthcare industry is in upbeat. It is due to drastic changes in government policies, increase in budget allocations, boom in health insurance sector and also growing socioeconomic changes has created high incidence of lifestyle disorders. India as a second largest populous country with young talented work force coupled with admirable clinicians the laboratory medicine has taken a big turn to facilitate urgent need of Health care need. In order to fulfill the laboratory professional demand from the industry, UGC launched scheme of B.Voc. Degree and M.Voc master degree program to expand the scope of vocational education and also to provide vertical mobility to the students admitted into Community Colleges for Diploma programmes to a degree and post graduate program in the Universities and Colleges. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Centers for Knowledge Acquisition and Upgradation of Skilled Human Abilities and Livelihood (KAUSHAL) is one of its kind. These Centers would not focus on skilling alone but also develop entrepreneurship traits. The centers may endeavor to maintain a paramedical structure of student enrolment with respect to Diploma, Advanced Diploma, B.Voc. and Post graduate diploma, M.Voc. Though the Medical Lab technologists spend less time with patients than doctors and nurses, medical laboratory professionals are just as dedicated to patients' health. As vital members of the health care team, medical laboratory professionals play a critical role in collecting the information needed to give the best care to an ill or injured patient. The fact is, the practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the tests performed in the laboratory. This course is being offered by Padmashree Institute of Management and Sciences and it is affiliated to Bangalore University. Karnataka, Bangalore.

Padmashree Institute of management and Sciences is proud to announce a very unique course B.Voc. affiliated under Bangalore University which is recognized by DDU KAUSAL KENDRA which is a skill enhancement program. This course helps students to become industry ready and gives Two or Three Year Diploma in Medical Laboratory technology students an excellent opportunity to acquire skills and apply them in the 6 months laboratory medicine internship which is a part of the curriculum.


A candidate entering the first year has options to do a one-year diploma, two-year advanced diploma or full three-year B.Voc.


The laboratory medicine sector in Karnataka has been facing severe shortage of industry-ready graduates and post-graduates for a long time. In an effort to bring about the needs of the industry, Padmashree has started a very unique course where the students will be trained extensively in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology. The course comprises of two parts. First part involves of 5 semesters classroom teaching where the students are trained extensively to be Health care industry ready and the second segment comprises of industry internship where the students get a wonderful opportunity to undergo training in various accredited clinical diagnostic laboratory and to get hands on practical experience in various departments.

Semester I
  1. English
  2. Kannada/Hindi/ Additional English
  3. Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
  4. Basic Medical Microbiology I
  5. Principles of Medical Biochemistry I
  6. Medical Terminology

Semester II
  1. English
  2. Kannada/Hindi/ Additional English
  3. Clinical Pathology and Hematology
  4. Basic Medical Microbiology II
  5. Principles of Medical Biochemistry II
  6. Phlebotomy, Sample collection, Handling

Semester III
  1. English
  2. Kannada/Hindi/ Additional English
  3. Histopathology
  4. Systemic Bacteriology
  5. Chemistry of Biological Compounds I
  6. Information Technology

Semester IV
  1. English
  2. Kannada/Hindi/ Additional English
  3. Human Cytology
  4. Mycology and Immunology
  5. Chemistry of Biological Compounds II
  6. Basics of Biostatistics
  7. Project - Minor

Semester V
  1. Immunohaematology and Blood transfusion
  2. Medical Genetics
  3. Parasitology and Virology
  4. Applied Microbiology
  5. Clinical Biochemistry I
  6. Clinical Biochemistry II

Semester VI
  1. Health care Industry – Six Month Internship
  2. Project Work - Minor

1 year to 3 years (multiple entry – multiple exit provision)

About the Course:
  • This unique program is available only at PIMS in Bangalore.
  • Under the Skill India initiative by Govt of India, the multi-entry multi-exit program offers the opportunity to get trained in job- oriented courses.
  • The curriculum is designed to provide training from entry-level jobs to entrepreneurship.
  • Course provides vertical and horizontal mobility to fit to students’ interest.
  • The course content is designed to equip the students with industry-specific skills via industry internship for a period of 6 months as a part of the curriculum.
  • Our college has MoUs and tie-ups with various Clinical Diagnostic labs within Bangalore and to provide internship opportunities for the students.
  • Career Opportunities:
  • The course is pro-industry and students coming out of the course would be placed in various Corporate Hospitals and Premier Medical Diagnostic Labs.
  • The course is also designed to groom the students into entrepreneurship.


  • Graduates: 1,200
  • Post Graduates: 600
  • 35 acres campus
  • 3 major buildings
  • Green & Eco friendly campus
  • Projects from KFIST, DBT, KBITS being currently carried out
  • 96 faculty members
  • 10:1 student to faculty ratio



Pavitra Ibrahimpur

“I was happy to join this institution, all time I got support from staff, friendly environment”

Sushma Shree C. P.

“Institution had given good theory and practical exposure to us in Hospital Administration  ”

Chayanika Dutta

“The teaching staff and their way of teaching of this institution is very good ”

Minakshi Devi

“One of the best hospital administration college ”

Dr. Santhosh H. C.

“We had a nice exposure from padmashree institution”

Dr. Vinod Singh

“We are into hospital planning designing, business planning, complete setting up of hospitals of existing hospitals ”

Iru Poudel

“ Very supportive..wonderful experience for lifetime ”